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8. Doughnuts

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All photos/art by Rayne Beaudoin

Butler’s Colonial Donut House
459 Sanford Rd.
Westport, MA

Doughnuts are to New Englanders what bagels are to New Yorkers: a daily necessity. At Butler’s, they’ve taken this yeasty pastry to a new level by filling round and rectangular doughnuts with real whipped cream. The latter are called “Long Johns,” and under the cream is a delicious stripe of black raspberry jelly.

  • Charlotte

    The best doughnuts in my area are from Aremony’s Bakery in Griswold, CT. I love the raspberry cream and the blueberry cream ones but they have wonderful pastries also.

  • The BEST around Central CT are Neil’s Donuts on Turnpike Rd in Wallingford!

  • The best Powdered Sugar Donuts, EVER!!!!! Congdon’s Donuts in Wells, ME

  • I think “Eat a Donut” on School St. in Lowell, MA beats them all! I now live near Hilton Head, SC, and can’t get a decent donut anywhere! Boy do I miss them!!

  • Gotta love the cider donuts at Atkins in South Amherst. Any UMass alum agree?

  • The best are definately from Mrs. Murphy’s Doughnuts in Southwick, MA. If you time it right, you can get them still warm from the fryer! YUM! They also serve homemade soups, fresh coffee, and their pastries are to die for. Apple Fritter anyone?

  • Sheila

    If you are ever in the Cedarville Village section of Plymouth, MA you HAVE to go to the Blueberry Muffin for a doughnut…..expecially the jelly or chocolate ones. By far the best doughnuts I have ever had. Breakfast is for the hearty there. Bring your appetite and you just might finish the meal.

  • Patricia

    The BEST doughnuts are from the Hole in One Donut Shop with two locations: North Eastham and Orleans, both on Cape Cod, Mass. They are made from scratch and sooo yummy . You have to get there early for the best selection though because they sell out! The jelly sticks are to die for! I always bring some back with me to Indiana and stick them in the freezer for when I need a doughnut fix. There muffins are excellent as well. MMM MMM!!!

  • For light donuts go to the Riverside Bakery on Riverside Ave. in Burlington, VT. They are just light and sooooo delicious. Try their Cinnamon rolls, they are hugh!


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