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Hidden Trails of Cape Cod

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Snail Road

Snail Road

Alison Shaw

The trails shown here aren’t included in Cape Cod National Seashore literature, but it’s perfectly permissible to walk them, and they all have legal parking areas.

When my husband worked for the trails division, he told me about the special places there that the public just isn’t aware of. I was surprised at the solitude I was able to find. I was feeling very Thoreau-esque … it was that quiet.

After living on Cape Cod year-round for 22 years, I’ve become a bit jaded. A beach, I thought, is just a beach. I stand corrected: The trails I’ve hiked in the past few days have led to the most exceptional beaches I’ve ever seen on the Cape.

  • Whoever left these trails a 2 star review is definitely misguided, out of shape, or hates nature. This is a 5 Star place.

  • Eileen

    This article has prompted a trip to Cape Cod in late June. I am looking forward to finding at least one of these trails. Thank you.

  • Being a property owner within the National Seashore boundries, I am quite familiar with many lower cape walking trails. My husband also worked for the National Park for a few summers and we have enjoyed walking many little-used trails and old footpaths. We still walk and canoe in new areas. We haven’t walked the Bound Brook trail from the Atwood Higgins House, but that will be on our list. The Native American name for Bound Brook is Sapokonish, as written in a book about Wellfleet which can be found in the Wellfleet Library.


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