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5. Indian Pudding

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indian pudding

All photos/art by Rayne Beaudoin

340 Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Boston, MA
617-227-2038; durgin-park.com

This dessert, devised by early settlers and seamen, has always used commonly available ingredients: cornmeal and molasses, eggs and milk. (“Indian” comes from the cornmeal, which was originally referred to as “Indian meal.”) Durgin-Park’s has a wonderfully smooth texture from long, slow cooking.

  • Suzanne

    I am a tour director and I must say, Durgin Park is the best next to mine! But then I use Durgin Park’s receipe!

  • Hannah

    I agree. No trip to Boston would be complete without Indian pudding at Durgin Park!

  • Marjorie

    The Indian Pudding at the Village Restaurant in Essex, MA is fabulous, a must-have for many in my family. Last December, our waitress served Dad’s pudding with a lit candle standing at attention in the vanilla ice cream, a perfect conclusion to his 92nd birthday dinner!


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