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7. Boston Cream Pie

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boston cream pie

All photos/art by Rayne Beaudoin

Omni Parker House
60 School St.
Boston, MA
617-227-8600; omnihotels.com

In addition to its famous Boston scrod and Parker House rolls, this hotel’s kitchen is said to have invented this custard-filled, chocolate-glazed sponge cake (see the recipe, right). Sometimes nothing but the original (in these elegant surroundings) will do. Massachusetts’ legislators agreed, making Boston cream pie the state dessert in 1996.


  • If the Parker House people say their kitchen invented Chocolate Cream Pie, it’s likely to be so. When I was growing up, however, there was a very good bakery where they sprinkled powdered sugar on top of their Boston Cream Pies. If a chocolate frosting were put on cakes made with the same recipe, they were called Chocolate Cream Pies. According to my folks, the filling was a boiled custard, almost like a pudding and without the hint of lemon in some of these pie fillings now. I don’t think either style was made with sponge cake. I was wondering if anyone else has seen both styles of this pie


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