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Portland, ME, Weekend

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Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine

Portland Landscape (user submitted)

All photos/art by Roxie Zwicker

Portland is a mix of things. It’s old and new; gritty and chic; polished and weathered: identities, all of them, that combine to give this city a flavor all its own. And although its working flavor remains, the Old Port has also been creatively re-imagined as a tourist hotspot, where you can pick up an original Angela Adams rug (the designer calls Portland home) or equally stunning pottery at the Maine Potter’s Market. It’s this kind of scene that helps explain why the National Trust for Historic Preservation named Portland one of its “Dozen Distinctive Destinations” in 2003.

Food, of course, is big here, too. And although you’d expect seafood, of course–and some of freshest stuff anywhere in the world can be found in Portland–water views don’t preclude this city from serving up more than fish. Mediterranean flavors abound at Fore Street, Italian dominates the menu at the always romantic Cinque Terre, and Spanish Paella awaits at Cailiola’s Restaurant, while modern twists on classic American cuisine may be found at Hugo’s. Hard choices, indeed. But don’t worry. You can always make a return trip.

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  • Veronica

    We stayed at the new Marriott Residence Inn on Fore Street the end of October. Only one year old. Spacious suite with full kitchen for $161 per night. Full hot breakfast at no extra charge. Walking distance to everything. Even an indoor pool.

  • Marthalie

    I recall the story of the SS Okay L Alexander and a dear family friend, Captain Raymond Lewis remaining aboard till all crew members were ashore after a near tragedy off of Portland.In years to come my father would captain ships into Portland and mother and I would drive from Boston to Portland to watch the ship come into the harbor and dock. Portland has been much like a second home of my childhood. Much has changed as times pass however Portland is a destination for all. Something for everybody! Thank you for the article.

  • Jenifer

    Don’t forget the Eastland Hotel, which has a bar at the very top (called, logically enough, Top of the East) offering the best views around, including Mount Washington on a clear day. The menu has a nice array of offerings (e.g. cheese & fruit plate) that are nice for noshing with a drink while you admire the views. The last time I was there (Jan ’09) it was closed for renovations but it should have re-opened by now and I’m looking forward to seeing the new version.


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