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Codville, ME: Cemetery

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graveyard-dtBangor Ghost Hunters Association

Another memorable case was held at a cemetery in Codville, Maine. According to Harold Murray: “We were videotaping. We had five members and ten other people who were family members of the client. Over the first grave, there was a ‘traveler’ — a ball of light. The camera picked it up. It was just going back and forth in a circle. At first we thought it was a firefly, but it didn’t blink.

“We checked out the possibility that it was a car driving by, but there was no dirt road in that section of the woods or traffic lights. We found out later that it was a fresh grave. Someone had been buried that day, and we didn’t know about it. We captured the light on video.”

The cameraman recorded the light for two and a half minutes. Then Harold told him to stay there for five minutes and take more video, this time to the right of the grave. The entire time he was filming, the cameraman did not see the light in the viewfinder. The next day, the group returned to the cemetery and discovered that they had been filming over a fresh grave.


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