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24. Lobster Roll

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Red's Eats

Red's Eats in Wiscasstt, Maine

Photo/art by James Darroch

lobster roll

Photo/art by Rayne Beaudoin

Red’s Eats
Main & Water Sts.
Wiscasset, ME
207-882-6128; hollyeats.com/Reds.htm

They pile on the lobster at Red’s. And the harmonious interaction of that fresh, cold meat, just barely mayo-dabbed, with the warm toasted bun underneath — well, it just sings of summer!

  • My favorite is the lobster roll at the Red Barn Restaurant, on Route 201, Riverside Drive in Augusta, Maine. Lots of big lobster chunks, minimal mayo, lightly toasted bun, and I always ask for “no lettuce, just lobster”.

  • Several years ago I had the very best lobster roll at a little roadside stand somewhere on route one in Maine. It was on the riht side if the road in front of a huge expanse of Atlantic ocean. I’m wondering if it is still there, and if anyone else knows what I’m talking about?
    Sue Marchessault of California, raised in Vermont

  • On our early New England trips together my yet to be husband was surprised that this lobster loving New Jerseyan couldn’t quite get the mystique of the lobster roll. After seeing Red’s on TV I urged him on our next trip to go out of the way from our normal haunts to sample their offering. Needless to say Red’s convinced me. The finger roll contains the meat of an entire unadorned 1 pound lobster, whole claw meat and tail split down the middle, with drawn butter on the side that we never need to use. Now Wiscassett is a regular part of our itinerary; I have an 8 x 10 photo of a tray of them as testimony. Heaven forbid we are unable to make our leaf peeping jaunt before Columbus Day when they close for the season! My mouth waters just thinking about them.

  • See if you can beat this. For the past two summers, a small road side stand on Route 9 in Williamsburg, MA has been selling lobster rolls on weekends for $6.95. No fillers just lobster, a touch of mayo, a toasted roll with pickles and chips. Can’t wait to get back!

  • vanessa

    The best lobster rolls do not have mayo on them, but butter, in my opinion!
    Frankie’s in Waterbury, Ct make lobster rolls with fresh lobster meat and drawn butter on a hot dog roll and they are to die for.
    Also, Abbot’s in Noank, CT make them the same way, but on hamburger rolls.
    So much better than with mayo!!!!!!

  • Dennis

    The Franconia Dairy Bar in New Hampshire has been a Lobster Roll tradition for me since my father first took me there more than 20 years ago. I try to get back at least once every summer.

  • Stafford-Ames

    Living in Seattle, I look forward to my trip to New England and seeking out the best lobster roll. One place is just south of Newbury, Ma and the other is in Gilford. See you this Oct.

  • I used to live in Maine, and Red’s Eats was a regular stop for me. Not only is the food fabulous [and the lines long], it’s the quintesential New England experience. Just wonderful!


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