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Old Town, ME: Haunted Bar

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Bangor Ghost Hunters Association

Of all Harold (Murray)’s investigations, two stand out. One of them was conducted at a bar in Old Town, Maine. Harold was called in by the owner of the bar at 2 a.m. He went to the bar alone because he gave his team the night off.

Harold was talking to the owner and the bartender when he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. He spun around, and no one was there.

“I turned my tri-field meter on, and it went thermal. I snapped a picture, but I couldn’t see what I was doing, and I caught a corner of the bar. Whatever it was disappeared. About ten minutes later, the men heard someone drop one of the big steel tables in the upper bar. They searched the bar, but everything seemed to be in place.

At the time, the cameras were running, so the owner asked, ‘What do you see through the infra-red?’ We brought it down and hooked it up to his TV, and we picked up a spiritual voice of a woman calling the owner’s name. This was accompanied by a floating ball of light.” The men did not see the floating orb with the naked eye, nor had they heard anyone talking before they listened to the video. In addition, no women were present.

“We could never prove it to be a hoax. The owner and his father and a few family friends identified it as the voice of his deceased mother. He got out of the bar, gave the bar back to his father, went across the street, and opened up a pawn shop,”
Harold said. Harold will always remember this case because it was his first physical encounter with an entity.


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