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4. Blueberry Pie

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blueberry pie

All photos/art by Rayne Beaudoin

Wild Blueberry Land
1067 Rte. 1
Columbia Falls, ME

This pie has that sweet crunch of small wild berries, that woodsy tang when the juice flows, plus a wisp of thickener and a delicate, delicious complementary crust (in this case, a Dutch crumb topping). And, the building’s shaped like a blueberry — all the more fun.

  • This is my old friend, Re Re, and she can bake! As children, we would spend hours and hours baking on the Easy-Bake oven she owned. She proves that, sometimes, the joys and hobbies of one’s childhood become one’s lifelong career…if you’re lucky! I wish for her the best!

  • I have had many blueberry pies from this great place. In July, 2008 we were returning from ME to NC and purchased a pie which my wife, daughter and I ate at the motel that night. We are heading to Eastport, ME this July and plan to go through Columbia Falls, ME so we can pick up several pies for our vacation.

    I only wish I could bring them home to NC.

    Karl Taylor

  • Carroll

    I’ve eaten many slices of wild blueberry pie in different parts of Maine. The pie at Wild Blueberry Land is truly one of the best. The lady who owns the shop is knows blueberries and she knows how to bake. The shop is charming- every possible thing blueberry you can imagine. This is also a great stop on Route 1, well past all the hustle and bustle further down the coast. Real “downeast”.

  • Danielle

    Marion’s Pie Shop in Chatham, MA. The best pies ever! They offer 2 types of blueberry pies – regular crust and crunch topping pies. The shop has been around for more than 20 years and they’re newest owners are doing a terrific job. They’re gaining fame and worth the visit.

  • I had blueberry pie at the Maine Diner in Wells, Maine about 10 years ago and I still think it’s the best blueberry pie that I ever tasted in a restaurant.
    Their blueberry muffins were fantastic, too.

  • Jenifer

    Barbara, this is not an article about recipes, but about places of business which offer what YM deems “the best” of certain traditional New England dishes. How many restaurant reviews provide the recipes for the restaurant’s specialties?

  • Barbara

    I guess we aren’t allowed to have this recipe either, what a shame! Were is the recipe????

  • When I want the best blueberry pie, I bake my own using a traditional top and bottom crust (scratch-made and hand-mixed) and wild blueberries. The crust is tender and flaky; the filling, slightly tart, with a hint of sweetness.


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