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Budget Travel and Dining Tips You Can Use Right Now

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There are some things you can do to save money on your travel and food expenses and still see New England. In fact, New England could be the perfect destination.

Listen to Yankee editor Mel Allen’s frugal tips for spending time, not gas money, in New England.

See food editor Annie B. Copps on NECN’s Cut Your Cost Campaign, talking about her 10 budget dining tips for summer travelers.

Check Yankee‘s Top 5 Travel Choices for your trip planning.

Get to know public parks and trails. Here are six destinations for hiking and biking, most without fees of any kind.

Remember to buy local. It always made good sense, but now more than ever, to rely on farmers’ markets and farm stands. These are our favorites.

Go without gas! Try an emission-free, battery-powered electric bicycle to get around economically.


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