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  • Doesn’t he though? One of the better things about winter is the breathtaking views we see (for about 6months!)

  • My favorite foliage spot is Gore Mt. in Lake George area in the Adirondacks in N.Y. God sure knows how to use His paintbrush

  • If some are interested,the Sandwhich Notch Road,is a beautiful ride,and the foliage is very
    spectacular. Even the trails within,like the Algonquin,or perhaps the Beede Falls area that
    includes Cow Cave. Just did this area this past wknd,with family,and the ride was fantastic.

  • One of the prettiest fall drives is fun, informative and gorgeous. Rutland County has 8 covered bridges that you can see in a day and enjoy the foliage. From Route 4, begin in Proctor, where you can visit the spectacular exhibits in the small Vermont Marble Museum that includes a sculpted marble bust of each U.S. President and a spectacular carving of the Last Supper. There is also a nice gift shop – think holidays. All around are the amazing colors of autumn, maple, ash, birch and other deciduous are waiting for the click of your camera. Since you are in the area, 4 miles away on Route 4 N is the Norman Rockwell museum that includes a historical pictorial of life in America when Rockwell was painting covers for the Saturday Evening Post.

    I will let Mapquest chart the rest of the route for you, remember this is going to be a wonderful ride that will also give you some – dare I say Educational and Historical – times to remember, in addition to the beautiful foliage you will see along the way. View bridges in sequence below, beginning in Pittsford (next door to Proctor). They are all off Route 7 and all towns have General Stores or a Mom and Pop restaurant that will charm you and fill you with good things to eat, including homemade apple pies and orchards where you can pick your own!

    1. Gorham Bridge (also called Goodnough) on the Pittsford/Proctor Line 2. Cooley Bridge, Pittsford 3. Depot Bridge, Pittsford 4. Hammond Bridge, Pittsford 5. Kingsley Bridge, Clarendon 6. Brown Bridge, Shrewsbury 7. Twin Bridge, Rutland Town, 8. Sanderson Bridge, Brandon. Enjoy the trip!

  • Driving the roads through the White Mountains in NH is great in the fall. Walking through downtown Dover is nice too. Anywhere in the New Hampshire/Vermont area is great for me in the fall!

  • Burke Mountian in Vermont is one of the best for color and vista views all year around but especially in the fall.

  • Coming from West Barnet, Vermont, at Barnet Center turn left before the church and continue up the hill, going as far as you need to get the view and photo op that you want (but not pass the cemetery on the left where the road starts back down over the hill). From a vantage point near the top of the hill, you can look down on a beautiful pastoral setting of a large barn with its silo. Just pull off the road to park. Facing the way you just came up, the farm view will be left and straight ahead there is a splendid view of countryside stretching almost endlessly into the distance. This is a view that we go back to photograph every year. Mary Jo Mappe, Pasadena/Houston, Texas

  • I feel the best road to travel for foliage colors is the Fish Hatchery Road in Richmond, NH….the grand Sugar Maples and White Paper Birches hang over the road, so that there is a tunnel of fabulous colors throughout the road from Route 119 to Route 32. It is also spectacular in the winter with heavy snow… I may live in Arkansas now, but I know that road like the back of my hand and travel it every year when I visit my home state of New Hampshire.
    Sharon Mabry Norfork, AR

  • Living in the beautiful Monadnock Region there are so many wonderful views of foliage with each spot and place something new to admire! However, for quite a few years now one of my favorite places is along Dublin Lake, Dublin, NH. It’s breathtaking to see the views and abundance of colors the “Grand” Mount Monadnock has when it is glistening on the cool waters of the lake. We look forward to this each and every year, and we are in awe of the beauty each and every time!
    Karen Roberts
    Peterborough, NH.


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