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Guide to Winter Calorie Burning

From stacking wood to ice skating, we take a closer look at some of the most popular winter calorie burning activities.

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Guide to Winter Calorie Burning

Guide to Winter Calorie Burning


It’s Easy to Work Off What We Love to Eat…


400 calories burned per hour

Come in from the cold, shake the a Snowblower snow off your eyebrows, and settle into your comfiest recliner–you deserve a big mug of rich hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Carrying & Stacking Wood

444 calories burned per hour

Is this chore on your “honey-stacking wood do” list? It’ll earn you a big bar of fine dark chocolate and the appreciation of everyone who gets to settle next to the woodstove at your place.

Chopping & Splitting Wood or Shoveling Snow

532 calories burned per hour

Okay–you probably drew the splitting wood short straw. But push on through, or shoveling knowing that you’re working up snow an appetite for a handful of chewy oatmeal raisin cookies, fresh from the oven–guilt-free.

Sledding or Ice Skating

622 calories burned per hour

All you had to do was enjoy an hour ice skating of fun to burn off a hearty helping of French toast with maple syrup.


710 calories burned per hour

Keep it up for 5 hours and you’ll work off the caloric equivalent of 1 pound. Of course, you’ll be absolutely ravenous …

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