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SLIDE SHOW: Summer on a Maine Island

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Orr's Island Kayak Trip 10

Orr's Island Kayak Trip 11

Orr's Island Kayak Trip 13

Down East Kayak Trip 5

Down East Kayak Trip 8

Orr's Island Kayak Trip 8

Orr's Island Kayak Trip 9

Orr's Island Kayak Trip 4

Orr's Island Kayak Trip 7

Orr's Island Kayak Trip 6

Down East Kayak Trip 10

Orr's Island Kayak Trip 2

Orr's Island Kayak Trip 3

Down East Kayak Trip 3

Down East Kayak Trip 6

Down East Kayak Trip 4

Down East Kayak Trip 7

Down East Kayak Trip 9

Orr Islandk Kayak Trip 12

Down East Kayak Trip 2

All photos/art by Josh Allen

Ever wonder what it’s like to spend the summer on an island in Maine, living, sleeping, and breathing sea kayaking? These pictures will give you a taste of what it was like for Josh Allen, who spent the summer months at H2Outfitters, a sea-kayaking adventure company based on Orr’s Island, in southeastern Maine. It was a perfect summer for kayaking: almost zero rain, calm winds, and endless sun. And, as you’ll see as you look through the slide show, it was filled with many beautiful sights and many days when the wild ocean waters were as still as glass. Don’t be deceived, though; the waters in Maine can be calm, but they’re still very cold and can quickly change to produce sizable chop. Always kayak with a friend, or, better yet, work on your skills with a guide as you experience firsthand the beautiful waters of Maine.


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  • Fun seeing that young people can enjoy this activity too! I like that you can see seals there, something I miss at the beach on the shore of Lake Erie, Ontario. We have more sand though, grin! Looking forward to the Maine coast sometime soon.

  • The sunsets are absolutely beautiful and I am glad that someone else takes crooked pictures. reminds me of the waters near Bar Harbor,especially the second picture.


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