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Winter Olympics: New England Numbers

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Bode Miller in December 2008.

Bode Miller in December 2008.

All photos/art by MItchell Gunn

Two tales of Olympic gold medalists:
Mike Eruzione, 1980 U.S. Hockey Team captain

New Hampshire’s Bode Miller

Dorothy Hamill’s ranking in a 1993 national poll of favorite U.S. athletes, 17 years after the Connecticut-raised skater earned gold in Austria

feet: vertical drop of Cochran’s Ski Area in Richmond, VT

number of Olympic skiers produced by the Cochran family since 1960

number of American reporters on hand to cover Vermonter Bill Koch’s silver-winning triumph in Nordic skiing at the 1976 Olympics

Silver-medal-winning time for Pembroke, MA, speedskater Eric Flaim in the 1500-meter race in 1988

dollars: tuition, room, and board at Burke Mountain Academy in E. Burke, VT, New England’s premier skiing school

$5 million
estimated annual endorsement income for medal-less Bode Miller at the time of the 2006 Olympics

total income earned by Massachusett’s Mike Eruzione, Miracle on Ice hockey hero, during the first 10 years after Team USA’s 1980 gold-medal run


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