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New England By The Numbers | Holiday Statistics

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copies of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (the book) in the library of Dartmouth College, from which author Robert May graduated in 1926


birds: pre-Thanksgiving population of Maine’s largest turkey farm, aptly named The Turkey Farm


wild turkeys estimated to live in New England — most thought to be descendants of 31 birds stocked in Vermont in 1969-70


percent probability that Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire, will have snow for Christmas — with the second most likely spot for Christmas snow in New England being Caribou, Maine (94 percent)


deer brought to the first Thanksgiving by Massasoit and his tribe (Pilgrim hunters bagged four fowl)


acres of Vermont devoted to the production of Christmas trees, 70 percent of which are balsam firs


Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans attending the dinner we call the “first” Thanksgiving


cut-your-own-Christmas-tree farms in Maine, host of the 2007 National Christmas Tree Association convention


antique Mack trucks transporting the 60-foot-tall Capitol Christmas tree, 80 companion trees, and 7,500 ornaments on a weeklong trip from Vermont to Washington, D.C.


price of the New Hampshire Historical Society’s Sarah Josepha (“Mother of Thanksgiving”) Hale bobblehead doll


price of this year’s re-creation of a 1627 harvest dinner at Plimoth Plantation (no seatings scheduled for Thanksgiving, although buffets will be available)


existing firsthand accounts of the first Thanksgiving: a letter from Edward Winslow in “Mourt’s Relation” and William Bradford’s “Of Plimoth Plantation”


watts needed to illuminate the 5,600 bulbs of the Seuss Land entry portal at the “Bright Nights at Forest Park” light show in Springfield, Massachusetts, last season


cranberry growers in Massachusetts — half the nation’s total


little towns of Bethlehem in New England: Bethlehem, New Hampshire, and the self-proclaimed “Christmas Town” of Bethlehem, Connecticut

One Hundred

types of artificial Christmas trees displayed at Vinny’s Home & Garden Showplace in Wallingford, Connecticut, which claims to have the largest display of fake trees in the state


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