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Endless River Flow

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Overflowing river banks,
Rolling down with ease,
Never work to roll down stream,
Are carried all the way. When
Dams are built, the rivers cannot bleed.
That unnatural bandage stops the flow,
Halting where the rivers go,
Not allowing them to play. But force
Of river breaks through weaker dam,
And gently carries on. Flow, river, flow!
Not knowing even where to go, but
Laughing all the way. It sings its
Purpose, to glide on down the stream,
Refreshing children’s toes, without
Knowing why, like the fragrance of
A garden rose. Never shall this river
Cease to heal our souls, whose purpose,
Too, is to nourish other souls. Tragic
Loss of souls of all, whenever they forget
The blessing of a flowing life,
And swim against the flow. The river
Teaches us to dance, merrily to glide,
But somehow some are still afraid
To make surrender their lucky bride.
So as the rivers flow, our souls would
Do well to see that their fluid
Ride down that river bank leads to
The greater sea. And when the rivers
Of the world cease to roll along,
Contented souls that came to know
That life’s a flowing song, will never
Cease their flowing, but gently carry on,
In a higher kind of knowing, when the world
Shall die away, our souls will stroll
Forevermore, with each new dawn of day.


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