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SLIDE SHOW: President Obama Photos in New Hampshire

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Barack Obama

All photos/art by Tim Llewellyn

Tim Llewellyn photographed Barack Obama on the trail that led through New Hampshire to Washington, D.C. “From Manchester to Berlin…at the ‘Yes, We Can’ speech in Nashua…I had the best seat in the house,” he says. Click below for a slide show of those photos.

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See more Tim Llewellyn photos: FOURL.com


Slide Show Instructions:

  • Hover over photo and click on arrow to advance the slideshow.
  • Click the “i” in the upper left corner of the photo for credit and location information.
  • Stonewalls, cows and Barack Obama … 3 of my greatest loves! Your magazine is always full of gems. This is my first visit to your website and I am hooked. I have viewed 2 slideshows (so far) and I smiled when I saw a slide of Obama in front of a mural in NH with a painted stonewall ! It all ties together. Thanks for a wonderful Sunday afternoon reading and, now, viewing on line. JP White

  • One of a million fluff pieces on the new President. When will you children grow up. I haven’t seen such blind adulation since the Kennedy era. This is truly depressing!

  • What a great time in your life! Stories to share with your children and grandchildren….how wonderful for you!

  • Very compelling. Our new president makes me want to stand taller, work harder, and I find myself being proud of who represents our country again — especially to the waiting world.

  • As a native Bostonian & ex-pat in the Netherlands since 1970, I find it difficult to put into words how happy I am that Barack is our new President! He is so real! Hope has been renewed…


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