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Josh Ziskin — Brookline, MA

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Josh Ziskin

Josh Ziskin

All photos/art by Matt Kalinowski

La Morra
Brookline, Massachusetts

“Oh, man–by the end of winter, it is the toughest time,” says Josh Ziskin. “It’s so hard to write a menu. We stick really close to what’s locally available, and spring takes its time. We don’t put asparagus on until it’s in season, and that can take a while.” But fiddleheads make the list earlier than most. “They look so cool and they jump up early,” he adds. “And people are interested in them because of the cool curl.”

They aren’t the easiest greens to work with, Josh notes: “But they’re totally worth the challenge, and as a chef, I have to address their strong texture and grassy flavor. They can overpower a dish if they aren’t cooked right. I love pickling or sauteing them. It dulls the grassiness and draws out their structure–great with cured meats, salads, or a nice sharp New England cheese.”


  • Cynthia

    My family thought they were great (Massachusetts born, now in NJ). I tried them, not one of my favorites, never could see what they saw in them. ugh

  • Elizabeth

    I have never tried Fiddleheads but have heard of them over the years – Can they be purchased in a supermarket??? – The recipe sounds good – Are they used as a vegetable? -Can someone tell me where i can purchase some???? – Thanks

  • My aunt used all the young greens -fiddleheads among them. burdocks, dandelions etc. I only made cowslips which grew in abundance across a fence by a curving stream down through the pussywillow bushes.
    Served with salt and pepper, a dash of vinegar an butter they were welcome in the spring.I must admit I always felt quite daring by eating them.,although I was fairly certain they were safe to eat.


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