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Tuller Family, Ice Cream Makers, West Simsbury, Connecticut

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The Tuller Family


Erik Rank

The Tullers have been working this same land since 1768. Now they’ve taken the venerable “do it simple, do it well” philosophy to their latest crop: gourmet ice cream. Using only real fruit puree and 16 percent butterfat, they mix up more than 50 flavors named matter-of-factly after the ingredients in them (“Red Raspberry with Chocolate Chips” is our favorite).

For seating, the Tullers offer hay bales from their beef-cattle operation. Far from being quaint, it’s a matter of Yankee practicality. How many other restaurants can mulch their chairs and throw them on the vegetable garden?

Tulmeadow Farm Store, 255 Farms Village Road. 860-658-1430.


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