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The Bluebirds of Wall Street

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The news on the television is pretty grim these days. I’ve decided not to watch. I have moved my laptop from my desk to the kitchen table where I can watch the colors change while I work.

In most places, yesterday was a gray and drizzly day, but here, we are a bit above the clouds so it became the most amazing show of light and color as the trees have begun to blaze.

There is an odd and interesting phenomenon that veteran foliage-watchers know: that the colors in the trees become more vivid on rainy or foggy days. They shine out from the gloom. Throughout the day, the clouds moved in and out, vestiges of sun, literally from first light to end of day.

The colors seemed to be changing before my eyes. The mountain changes first, I presume because it’s colder up there. Then the trees in the foothills. Right now, the oaks are still strongly green but the maples and the ash and the poplars burn reds and yellows.

This morning, or, just now, bluebirds have descended, a surprise. I have not seen them all summer. Six or seven perched on the wire across the road after making several happy loops and one came to rest on the back of the lawn chair that sits right outside the kitchen window. I love their rosy chests. I had a good chat with this bright fellow as he lingered. I take all this as a positive sign.

  • This is true, until the leaves start to fall and the last few orange gold leaves hit the ground… Then I grab one to stick in a book to look at next year or the year after, when I open it for whatever reason. Then I remember it and the happieness it gave in it’s short colorful life…


  • You just cannot be glum while gazing at a maple tree in full oragne blaze-something to behold and cherish!

  • While I feel the need to keep up with all the news during this disturbing time, I do need a daily interlude to quiet my mind. My best time is an early morning walk with my dog. Many mornings have been foggy and the changing trees do shine. Each day I follow the progression of color, the weather patterns in the sky, and the birds in flight. The hummingbirds still linger, the geese are flying high, and the sparrows cluster at the feeders. There is so much beauty to be found in a simple neighborhood walk. Perhaps these times will remind us all to slow down a bit and value what we do have.

  • The news has been very disturbing lately. We’ve even noticed our 7 year old son worrying about the economic situation. We, too, have turned off the television and have been playing more board games and playing outside! The media has become so out of hand with the way they report things. We are completely drowning in news stories!


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