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David Coakley, Bartender, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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David Coakley


Carl Tremblay

The perfect pint? “It takes patience and about three pours — at least four minutes,” says David Coakley. He’s been in the States 20 years, and for the past two he’s been pulling the tap at the Plough & Stars pub. He has more than enough patience to go around. Everyone knows him there, and everyone knows he’s a vanishing breed — a Cork City lad pouring Guinness for a mostly Irish crowd. But what makes Dave a great barkeep is that he gives personal service both to regulars and to folks who’ve just walked in off Mass. Ave. for an “Irish” experience. Dave is so committed to better customer care, he’s working on a service guide for bartenders. Cheers to that.

The Plough & Stars, 912 Massachusetts Ave. 617-576-0032.


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