Rhode Island: Boys’ Reformatory

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Rhode Island Paranormal Research Team, Scituate, Rhode Island

The group collected
some very eerie EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) at Saconawa Prison, which used to be a boys’
reformatory. “We had a recording of Ray and Barbara setting up
the equipment, but in the background, you can hear someone saying,
‘Get out!’ in a very ominous voice,” Andrew Lairdsaid.

At other
locations, the groups have recorded similar threatening EVPs, such
as “Get out of my house!” and “Get out and leave us alone!” Some
of the language on the group’s EVPs is so abusive that, in Andrew’s
words, it “would make a truck driver blush.” The hostile tone of
some of these EVPs can be traced, Andrew believes, to the fact that
some of these spirits simply do not want to be bothered.

Not all
of the team’s EVPs are angry, however. “We recorded one in the
Paine House that is a little girl’s voice,” Andrew says. “Her name
was Sarah. She told us to look in a particular place. We did, and
we found a ring.”


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