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Carbon-fiber pendant

Carbon-fiber pendant

All photos/art by Annie Card

Diana Hall of Rumford, Rhode Island, is a sailor, jeweler, and daughter of a carbon-fiber mast maker. Now she turns carbon fiber into pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, and cuff links. Our favorite is this round pendant ($130), trimmed and backed by sterling silver and hung on a snake chain or neck wire. A big seller is the men’s wedding band, edged with gold, silver, or platinum. For many, it’s the material itself that is the appeal, says Diana, “especially for the guys who do stuff that uses carbon fiber — biking, motorcycles, sailing.” Contact Diana at 401-965-0391 or visit dianahalljewelry.com. Available also through Blink Gallery in Newport: 401-847-4255, blinkgalleryusa.com.


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