Season’s Must-Haves: Indoor Rowing

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Indoor Rower

All photos/art by Ed Thomas

Who among us hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution to lose that holiday flab? Well, here’s Yankee‘s secret workout weapon: the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower. Rowing is the ultimate fitness routine: It works all the major muscle groups, it’s low-impact, and it combines strength training with cardiovascular conditioning. And the bottom line? It’s a great calorie burner. In 1976, brothers Peter and Dick Dreissigacker headed for Vermont following the Olympic rowing trials, looking to find a place where they could manufacture carbon-fiber oars. In an old dairy barn, they also created a line of winter training machines. Today the company is the leading manufacturer of indoor rowers and racing oars, and their equipment has trained both Olympians and just regular folks. The Model D with PM 3 (a performance monitor that records distance, speed, and pace; calories burned; and watts generated) is priced at $900.

Concept2, Morrisville, VT. 800-245-5676, 802-888-7971; concept2.comConcept2 sponsors the C.R.A.S.H.-B Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships, scheduled for February 22, 2009, at Boston University’s Agganis Arena; crash-b.org


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