For Him and Her

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All photos/art by Hornick/Rivlin

1. Notch whiskey ($888) is for serious connoisseurs–and they’ll be grateful forever. Triple Eight Distillery, Nantucket, MA. 508-325-5929; ciscobrewers.com

2, 6. The hand-blown Ascutney whiskey glass ($55) or Hampton pilsner glass ($48) makes any drink special. Simon Pearce, Windsor, VT. 800-774-5277; simonpearce.com

3. Have one on the rocks: Vermont-milled soapstone “Whisky Stones” ($20 set of 9) chill without watering down. Teroforma, Darien, CT. 203-899-0300; teroforma.com

4. Forget foam from a can–real men do it with a classic shave set ($39.95): brush, pottery bowl, and avocado oil soap. Prospect Harbor Soap Co., Prospect Harbor, ME. 207-963-7598; prospectharborsoapco.com

5. Get festive in a dapper holiday tie ($85). Vineyard Vines, Stamford, CT & Edgartown, MA. 800-892-4982; vineyardvines.com

7. After you put away summer’s Nantucket Reds, don this winter-preppy Shetland cableknit pullover ($160). Murray’s Toggery Shop, Nantucket, MA. 800-368-2134; nantucketreds.com

8, 9. Salvaged steel plus silver and gold go into these stunning pieces (necklaces $45 to $255; bracelets $85 to $125; rings $44 to $95; hoops $45 to $140). Shanna Leino, Harrisville, NH. 603-499-0291; strikemetals.com

10. This wide oilcloth tote ($158) looks like a couture bag, but it’s decidedly more practical. MY OilCloth, Brookline, MA. 617-734-2247; myoilcloth.com

11. Modern lines, subdued colors, and an eye-catching button render a lined handknit bag ($50) chic and cozy. Bagley Burtt Bags, Greenfield, NH. 603-547-3839; artisansonlinemall.com


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