Bringing Home the Cheese

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Vermont leads the region with small family operations producing world-class cheeses. We are particularly enamored with the following.

Appleton Creamery, Appleton, Maine. In addition to fresh chèvre, the Hunter family also makes feta, sheep’s yogurt and a hard cheese they call Crofters. 207-785-4431. appletoncreamery.com

Grafton Village Cheese Company, Grafton, Vermont. Grafton cheddar has a sharp flavor and creamy to dry texture (depending on age). 800-472-3866. graftonvillagecheese.com

Great Hill Dairy, Marion, Massachusetts. Made by the Stone family, Great Hill’s tangy blue is handcrafted from raw Guernsey cow’s milk. 888-748-2208. greathillblue.com

Lazy Lady Farm, Westfield, Vermont. Cheese maker Laini Fondiller tends a herd of 33 organically raised Alpine goats and produces 15 different cheeses. 802-744-6365. vtcheese.com


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