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Of Birds and Baseball | Knowledge & Wisdom

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Yankee Magazine Cover, May 1993

Yankee Magazine Cover, May 1993

Jesse Unruh

Some ball hawks don’t need gloves.

Watching baseball and watching birds require similar skills. Both employ patience and imagination, sometimes deep thought; both progress slowly, appear boring from a distance, but are punctuated by bursts of joyous activity; neither is hampered by time.

Over the years I’ve discovered that major-league ballparks are good places for birdwatching. With few exceptions, they hug migration flyways: the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the Great Lakes, the interior rivers … Boston’s Fenway Park—nestled along the Charles River and the Atlantic Ocean—may be the best ballpark in America for watching birds.

—“Of Birds & Baseball,” by Ted Levin, May 1993


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