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How to Paint Like a Master

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Like Lisa, you can learn decorative painting techniques from professionals. In a 1,000-square-foot studio in Boston, the Institute of Surface Design offers classes in areas ranging from wood graining and marbleizing to creating traditional Venetian mosaics and designer plaster. To help you concentrate exclusively on developing your new skills, classes include full breakfast and lunch, all supplies, and instructors who have five to 20 years’experience in their specialties.

Six classes are being offered this month, including two taught by master artist Josh Winer. In addition to teaching mural techniques, he will also present a class in trompe l’oeil. Literally meaning “to fool the eye,” trompe l’oeil relies on a painting technique called grisaille, which uses subtle gradations of color to transform a flat surface into a three-dimensional illusion.

For more information on classes and techniques, visit fauxlikeapro.com or call 888-765-4950 or 617-254-8898.


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