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Bridget’s Favorite Salvage Shops

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New England Demolition & Salvage
This huge warehouse carries a section of antique furniture and trinkets as well as stained-glass windows, light fixtures, and dozens of doorknobs and hinges. The architectural elements can be hit-or-miss, but you’ll often find incredible staircases and intricately carved wood elements. The selection of doors is one of the best around and well priced, too. 73 Cove St., New Bedford, MA. 508-992-1099; nedsalvage.com

Nor’East Architectural Antiques
Nor’East has just about the finest collection of architectural elements, fixtures, windows, and doors in New England. The inventory is constantly changing, and the shop usually has a selection of beautiful butler’s pantries. The owners are extremely helpful and usually happy to keep an eye out for what you want. 16 Exeter Road, South Hampton, NH. 603-394-0006; noreast1.com

Offering very reasonable pricing, this salvage store has a great selection of flooring as well as sinks and bathroom fixtures. Much of the inventory is more practical than fanciful (think radiators, fireplace mantels, and balustrades). 30 Manilla Ave., Hamden, CT. 203-287-0852; urbanminers.com

For a list of additional salvage venues, visit: YankeeMagazine.com/more


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