A Select Guide to Fixers Around New England

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Looking for someone who can repair a cherished possession? Use this guide to fixers around New England.

Betsey Telford-Goodwin stocks fabrics dating back to 1780, so there’s a decent chance of matching materials when restoring heirlooms and antiques. Everyday quilts in need of TLC are welcomed here, too. Rocky Mountain Quilts, York, ME. 207-363-6800; rockymountainquilts.com

Lace is made lovelier in the hands of the folks at Evelyn Siefert Kennedy’s atelier. Wedding gowns, christening outfits, linens, and more can be repaired, restored, and preserved. Sewtique, Groton, CT. 860-445-7320; sewtiqueonline.com

As an acclaimed artist, Howard Newman’s background has prepared him for a multifaceted approach to restoring metallic art objects and other fine pieces of various materials (including glass, wood, bone, ivory, and shell). With a careful eye toward color matching, he treats items as varied as life-size lead statues and the delicate handle of a silver teapot with equal reverence. Newmans Ltd., Newport, RI. 401-846-4784; newmansltd.com

Fred Murphy can tell you that cobbling is more than just shoes and boots. One day he might reweb a pair of old snowshoes, alter a leather jacket, repair a handbag, and handcraft his own leather belts for sale. And, of course, repair some shoes and boots, too. Babe’s Shoe Repair, Waterville, ME. 207-873-1355; shoerepairer.com

Jim Anderson has developed a solid reputation for creating one-of-a-kind painted, etched, and engraved glass windows–so it’s a natural fit that repair and restoration of these fragile pieces are a specialty. Jim Anderson Stained Glass, Boston, MA. 617-357-5166; jimandersonstainedglass.com

Specializing in lamps from the 1840s through the 1930s, Judy Oppert and company preserve the integrity and value of the original piece, while restoring it for today’s uses. An excellent source for vintage chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, and table lamps, too. Victorian Lighting, Kennebunk, ME. 207-985-6868; victorianlightinginc.com

Are there many items more delicate than paper? When it’s torn or wrinkled, or damaged by water, fire, soot, or dirt, Carolyn Frisa is the person to turn to for expert restoration. All things paper are fair game, including prints, posters, drawings, documents, maps, diplomas, and even historic wallpaper. Works on Paper, Bellows Falls, VT. 802-460-1149; worksonpaperconservation.com

Through digital technology, Vickie Wolper can resurrect your old family photos. Once she’s captured the original image, she can correct color, finesse scratches, and even remove ex-spouses, producing a new image that you’ll want to prominently display. Precious Memories by Unique Graphique, Manchester, NH. 603-566-6830; photographrestorationnh.com

Revitalizing oil easel paintings is Martha Cox’s passion; a comprehensive evaluation maps out the recommended treatments for extending the life of your artwork. Cleaning, structural repairs, and inpainting services are all done by the same hand. GreatWorks Restoration, Shapleigh, ME. 207-636-2065; greatworksrestoration.com

The cooking surfaces of most pre-1990 copperware pieces are lined with tin, which wears away after years of use. Retinning restores that layer, extending the life of quality cookware. Got dents? Jim Hamann and company can fix those, too. East Coast Tinning, East Greenwich, RI. 401-965-4569; eastcoasttinning.com

Bea and Joe Bryant have been repairing old New England-made wood, coal, and gas stoves since the 1960s. They fix them, sell them, and even display them in their museum, which also features collections of antique cars, player pianos, music boxes, and more. Bryant’s Stove & Music, Thorndike, ME. 207-568-3665; bryantstove.com

Here’s a husband-and-wife team, Emily and Dylan Schoelzel, who honor the original craftsmanship of the small, traditionally built wooden boats and canoes they restore for folks from all across the country. They use only authentic materials and techniques. Salmon Falls Canoe, Shelburne, MA. 413-625-8555; wood-canoe.com

Melanie Miller takes pride in carrying on the skills imparted to her from her father–from hand-caning to rush work to general chair repairs. Porch rockers are a favorite item, but all projects are welcome. Melanie’s Woven Memories, Sutton, VT. 802-467-1326

For more than 30 years, Tom Salafia has been putting the pluck back into a variety of stringed instruments, both electronic and acoustic–from Gibson and Martin guitars to violas and cellos. By maintaining a wide assortment of pieces and parts in inventory, he can service just about any brand or line. Tom’s Repair, Sandown, NH. 603-887-4889; 508-633-7558

Highly educated in the art of textile conservation, the proprietor of this small shop, Deirdre Windsor, focuses on stabilizing the existing condition of all fiber products–ancient and contemporary, and everything in between. Treatment approaches and practices vary by project. Windsor Conservation, Dover, MA. 508-785-1974

Yes, there are still some of us who won’t trust our words to anything but a well-loved typewriter. Broken letters, mangled ribbons, and sticky gears are the ruin of typewriter devotees, but thank goodness, they can get their fix at the hands of the folks who keep Wanda Nalette’s repair shop humming. For more than 30 years, they took care of J. D. Salinger’s beloved Underwoods and kept Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s words coming. Routine cleanings (recommended annually) and general repair of manual and electric models are offered. Twin State Typewriter, White River Junction, VT. 802-295-2803

–Deborah Despres

Note that repair costs vary widely according to the work required; for details, call or visit service Web sites.

RESOURCE: More Fixers in New England.


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