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Happy Birding Jar


Webb Chappell

I’m an avid birder — I find our feathered friends absolutely mesmerizing.

And as any birder knows, the fastest way to attract local species to your yard is to fill your feeders with their favorite seed mixes.

Here’s a pretty way to keep a supply on hand in an attractive container — an easy project that’ll brighten your home, or brighten the day for any birdwatcher you know who’s eagerly anticipating spring’s exhilarating arrival.

Happy birding!

You’ll need:

  • glass apothecary jar with cover
  • painter’s tape
  • chalkboard paint
  • chalk
  • bird seed
  • scoop
  • card or tag stock
  • pen
  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  • twine

    1. At your local discount store, pick out an attractive covered apothecary jar, big enough to hold a substantial amount of bird seed.

    2. Affix painter’s tape in two large bands around the jar, top edge and bottom edge, leaving a 3-inch-wide band in the middle free.

    3. Now coat the tape-free band with chalkboard paint.

    4. Remove the tape while the paint’s still wet.

    5. Let the paint dry completely. Then write your message on the painted area in chalk.

    6. Fill the jar with the bird seed of your choice, and add a scoop.

    7. Write a note to the gift recipient on card or tag stock. You may want to list the bird species that will be attracted to the type of seed you’re giving.

    8. Punch a hole in the card (or in the tag if it doesn’t already have one) and thread a colorful ribbon or twine through it.

    9. Now tie the other end of the twine and the ribbon to the knob on the jar’s cover.

    10. For an even bigger splash, present your gift jar with a field guide, a feeder, or binoculars.

  • Patricia

    Love it. Great gift for a special friend or for craft fairs. Don’t need to use an apothocary jar. Any heavy duty container (glass) will do. Check flea markets and discount stores for containers. Use your imagination.

  • Patricia

    This would also be a cute idea for a holiday craft table as many people enjoy feeding the birds in the winter.


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