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Gingerbread Harvest Basket

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gingerbread basket

Gingerbread basket (instructions)

Francine Zaslow

When Matthew and Jenny Mead entertain, they like their guests to have a sense of awe when they walk into a room. Awesome is this woven gingerbread harvest basket dressing up an antique sideboard and filled with autumn’s bounty. This project is edible, or you may save it from year to year.

Make this gingerbread harvest basket using our easy-to-follow instructions.

Plus: Gingerbread Classes for Children and Adults,
Chandler’s Cake and Candy Supplies, 7 Perley St., Concord, NH

  • WOW!!! That is some project. Really pretty though. I like Phil & Sandra’s idea about small ones with names on them. I’d probably have better luck than making a large one like the photo.

  • Fantastic. I think I’d try making smaller ones as place settings with names iced on them and fill them with candy for Christmas.

  • Wow-that sure would be some accomplishment! Must be quite time consuming but so pretty.


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