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Crafts: Decorate Glass Vases with Polka Dots

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Miniature Polka Dot Vases

All photos/art by Bonnie Thomas

One of my favorite summer traditions is lining the kitchen windowsill with several small flower bouquets, each nestled in a recycled bottle or jar. Salt shakers, small craft bottles, jars from jam samplers, and bottles from extracts can all be transformed into miniature vases.

Colorful polka dot vases
Photo Credit: Bonnie Thomas

This summer I took the bottles and jars and added polka dots to them using liquid leading. Some were plain polka dots (using only liquid leading) and some were colorful polka dots (using liquid leading and glass paints).

Black polka dotted vases
Plain polka dot vases
Photo Credit: Bonnie Thomas

Materials you need to make your own Miniature Polka Dot Vases:

  • Small clear bottles
  • Liquid Leading

Liquid leading is not made of lead—it is a liquid that simulates the look of leading and it’s an easy medium to use in glass art. You can buy it at Michael’s or from online craft venues.

Directions to make Miniature Polka Dot Vases:

  • Wash your bottles and allow them to dry throughly
  • Dab little polka dots of liquid leading onto your vases
  • Allow liquid leading to dry
  • Fill vases with tiny bouquets

Since liquid leading is water based, the polka dots are NOT permanent. You can get your vases a little bit wet if you gently dab off the water. The dots will last anywhere from a few uses to several uses depending on how often they get wet and dried. At any time, once dried, you can peel the polka dots off. I like the temporary nature of the polka dots (it means I can re-use the bottles again if I like), but if you are giving these as gifts make sure you let the recipient know.

Single miniature polka dot vase
Photo Credit: Bonnie Thomas

Directions for creating Colorful Miniature Polka Dot Vases:

  • Add glass paints to your list of needed materials (you can use one color, like the one I did in only pink, or you can choose multiple colors)
  • Use your liquid leading to draw circles on the glass
  • Allow liquid leading to dry
  • Then dab your glass paint into the circles, making sure the full circle has a thin layer of color
  • Repeat as needed to fill each circle with a color
  • Allow to dry

When I was done creating my vases I headed over to Frinklepod Farm in Southern Maine to find a gorgeous mix of colors and textures for my bouquets. Most of the flowers you see in these pics are from Frinklepod Farm, where you can also find delicious in-season vegetables and fresh eggs.


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