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postcard lamp shade


Corey Hendrickson

I love poking through antiques shops and flea markets in search of old postcards, fabrics, and lamps–they’re great materials for home-decor projects. Old lamp bases have loads more character than new ones. I try to hang on to a lamp socket’s outer brass or nickel shell, too, and replace just the cord and inner socket.To create a clean new shade for an antique lamp–but one that’s still in keeping with its character–I just dip into my vintage-postcard collection. I look for graphic images and cards that have some wear and tear, a postmark, or even personal writing on the front. It’s a great way to remember a special summer vacation or favorite destination.

Materials and kit are available at The Lamp Shop, Concord, NH. 603-224-1603; lampshop.com. Tru another project from Judy Lake — Night-Light Shade.

For additional ideas, see Judy Lake’s new book, with directions for 50 custom lampshades: The Lampshade Lady’s Guide to Lighting Up Your Life (Potter Craft/Crown Publishing Group, 2009; $27.50; lakeslampshades.com)

  • Thanks for all the comments, Postcard lampshades are one of the most popular shades in my shop. You will also see in my Lampshade Lady Book a project using family pictures. Great holiday gift.
    Note on this project: One caller to my shop mentioned the whole postcard did not fit into the panels. You can certainly do a larger shade, a 5 x 10 x 7 hex works perfect. I told her that I work w/ all types of vintage papers and fabrics and that I often will set up the cards onto the copy paper in a way to get the BEST parts of the postcards or whatever I am using. Hold the lampshade frame panel over your paper to see what will show on the shade. And then go and copy cards w/ laser print.
    Happy Holidays.
    judy lake http://www.lampshadelady.typepad.com

  • What an excellent tip! I also like Regina’s comment about using pix for this project. Thanx!

  • You will LOVE this website- a favorite of mine ! http://www.cardcow.com
    In their Search , enter any subject and you’ll probably find a vintage post card that fits it.
    The cards are for sale, you can print them, or you can send them as e-cards.

    It’s also fun because they provide a view of the back of the card which may have a message, stamp, and postmark from any year in the the last century, or may be an unused card.

  • what a neat idea! I bet this would work with pictures of the Grandkids as well as other photos. Great way to personalize a lamp.

  • GREAT idea and I am anxious to try this. Any ideas on where to purchase Styrene? Thanks!


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