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Strawberry Muffin Recipe

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strawberry muffins

These strawberry muffins taste like summer.

All photos/art by Aimee Seavey

June in New England is all about strawberries. With dozens of orchards offering pick-your-own and towns from Connecticut to Maine celebrating strawberry festivals, it’s the unofficial queen of the start of summer.

If you don’t want to pick your own, stop by your local farm stand and pick up a quart like I did for $6 at Rosaly’s Farmstand in Peterborough, NH.

Photo Credit: Aimee Seavey

Strawberries are so juicy they are sometimes disastrous in baked goods because they give off too much liquid. I placed the diced berries between two paper towels and blotted them for a half-hour to soak up some of the excess moisture.

Then it was on to the batter!

Photo Credit: Aimee Seavey

Fresh out of the oven they smelled like cinnamon and warm strawberry goodness.

Photo Credit: Aimee Seavey

Berry perfection.

Photo Credit: Aimee Seavey

Warm and juicy, I felt these strawberry muffins needed nothing else, but you could spread a little cream cheese or butter on top if you were feeling adventurous.

Photo Credit: Aimee Seavey

Happy strawberry season!

Want more ideas for what to do with your fresh strawberries? Why not make homemade strawberry preserves, a batch of fresh strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream, or use them to sweeten your lemonade into strawberry lemonade?

Note: The original recipe was for Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins, but I went with all strawberry. You can stick with the original, or just use 1 cup total of strawberries, diced small. These muffins are also best enjoyed within a day of baking, so make sure you’ve got hungry mouths nearby. I had no trouble at all sharing them!

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