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Free-Range Turkey Farms in New England

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Here’s a list of some of the free-range turkey farms in New England.

The USDA defines “free-range” as birds “allowed access to the outside.” However, farms do this in different ways. Some farms let their turkeys walk and peck in a pasture; others let them roam freely in an outdoor dirt pen. Others keep the turkeys in outdoor cages, noting that the birds are still getting “fresh air and sunshine.”

Free Range Turkey Farms in New England

Free-Range Turkey Farms in New England

Turkeys raised in a free-range turkey farm are often happier and healthier. You should still do your homework, though, to ensure that the turkeys you consume are raised with methods up to your and your family’s standards. Check with your neighborhood market, farmers’ market, or butcher shop for their recommendations on free-range turkey farms in New England, or go to www.localharvest.org/organic-turkey.jsp for free-range turkey farms around the country. You’ll find lists and descriptions of organic, free-range, and heritage-breed turkey producers in your area.

Here are some sources for free-range turkey farms in New England.

Bob’s Turkey Farm
181 Old Common Rd.
Lancaster, MA
978-365-9271; 978-368-1353

Lionette’s Market – CLOSED
577 Tremont St.
Boston, MA

Stillman’s at The Turkey Farm
561 Thresher Rd.
Hardwick, MA

The Turkey Farm
209 Mile Hill Rd.
New Sharon, ME

Twist of Fate Farm
1220 Black Brook Rd.
Dunbarton, NH

Four Springs Farm
776 Gee Hill Rd.
Royalton, VT

Four Corners Farms
210 Danby Mountain Rd.
Dorset, VT

Misty Knoll Farms
1685 Main St.
New Haven, VT

Cedar Meadow Farm
12 Erin’s Way
Ledyard, CT


Read about the advantages of homegrown free-range turkeys and find a recipe for roast turkey.

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