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Summer Vegetable Recipes | Corn, Leeks and Squash

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A collection of fun and easy summer vegetable recipes that put the flavor of the season’s harvest on your table.

Nurtured all summer long and tended to perfection, piles of red and yellow tomatoes in every shape and size await your inspection. Neat stacks of white and golden corn nestled in silk … hard-shelled squashes and pumpkins … fragrant herbs, dirt-dusted potatoes, luscious melons … Don’t hold back — indulge freely in the gifts of early autumn.

Bruschetta with Roasted Bell Peppers

Roasted red and yellow peppers are eye-catching and delicious.

Keller + Keller

Eating locally is never easier than right now, so get to know these fresh, sun-ripened ingredients. Dig out your favorite veggie recipes, but try some new ones, too — such as these nine fun and easy ways to put the season’s harvest on your table.

For suggestions, we turned to a few friends: television chef, author, and avid gardener Mary Ann Esposito; cookbook author and food writer Clara Silverstein, offering a selection from her latest recipe collection; and longtime editor Judith Jones (who saved Julia Child’s first cookbook from an early demise and helped launch The French Chef’s long career).

Latin Corn

Mouthwatering grilled corn is a special treat prepared the Mexican way, with butter, lime juice, and cheese.

Keller + Keller

Leek 'Pasta' with Garlicky Shrimp

Leeks cut on a pasta machine add a new twist to “scampi.”

Keller + Keller

If you live in farm country, produce stands are hard to miss, but even city dwellers can take advantage of a ripe and ready bumper crop thanks to farmers’ markets. Or if grocery stores and supermarkets are more your style, ask your produce manager to carry local crops — they’ll be fresher and tastier, and you’ll be supporting your community’s economy.

Melon Sorbet

Ripe melons get a quick puree before hitting the deep freeze for a refreshing and satisfying dessert.

Keller + Keller

Support Your Local Growers

Consult your community’s chamber of commerce for locations of farmstands and farmers’ markets in your area, or visit the following Web sites for further information, lists, and links to additional resources.



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