Mixes for Homemade Soup in Minutes

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Tomato SoupOur weather in Dublin, New Hampshire, these past few weeks has been cold and snowy, interspersed with freezing rain and wind. As I look out my window now we are having a snow squall. In short, every day has been a day to enjoy the comfort of a hot bowl of soup.

Unfortunately, not all of us have time to prepare those delicious pots of long-simmering, homemade soup. Millie Pezzillo and her family in Greenville, Rhode Island, make everyday soup a possibility for us all.

Millie’s Soups is a business that sells thousands of packets of soup mixes in grocery stores and online. Millie’s home-style dry soups and rice mixes are low in cholesterol (with no trans fats) and free of meat, monosodium glutamate, and preservatives. All you have to do is add water, heat, and be patient for about 15 minutes.

You can enjoy a line of 14 flavors that include lentil, pasta and peas, Italian vegetable, Mexicali rice mix, minestrone, and garden soup (farfalline with vegetables) to name some big sellers.

Millie started her soup mix business 25 years ago with “Aunt Hilda’s Lentil Soup” on the cover of the first catalog. Now Millie and her husband, John, and their sons, John and Mike, run a warehouse operation in Greenville, Rhode Island, where hundreds of pounds of dried beans, pasta, dehydrated vegetables, rice, and barley are delivered by the truckload.

Every day the Pezzilo family enjoys lunch together and, of course, it is always soup. Millie’s first choice is lentil, but my favorite is their newest addition: red lentil and spinach with ginger.


Millie’s Soups
Visit www.milliessoups.com for online ordering or to find a grocery store near you that sells Millie’s soup mixes.

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    I’m sorry to say we can’t help you there. We’re a magazine publisher.
    Good luck with your search!

  • Merrilyn

    Used to get a tortellini soup mix from Millie’s Soups. Been a long time. I think it might have been you (I have moved n lost tele #)
    I would love to get a couple pkgs Plz let me know if this is the right place.
    Merrilyn Smith Governor


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