6. Grape-Nut Pudding

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grape-nut pudding

All photos/art by Rayne Beaudoin

Moody’s Diner
1885 Atlantic Highway (Rte. 1)
Waldoboro, ME
207-832-7785; moodysdiner.com

Moody’s concession to Grape-Nuts purists is to make both a custard version and a pudding version, served on different days of the week. The custard is baked; the pudding is cooked double-boiler-style, with eggs separated. It’s the vanilla in the custard that’s always hooked us — just right.

  • Ronald

    I love everything they serve at Moody’s Diner. I never pass by without stopping for something to eat there whenever I return to Maine. I will try some of their grape nut pudding on my next visit.

  • Anthony

    This diner may have very good grape nut pudding. However, if you want the absolutely best grape nut custard from a diner, you must visit Tim’s Diner in Leominster Massachusetts. The spice that sets the bar to the highest level is not vanilla but nutmeg and at Tim’s it’s the best! Period!
    Go on a Friday for some of the best and freshest tasting fish dishes. You will not be disappointed.


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