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Yankee‘s Best Lost and Vintage Recipes

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All photos/art by Heath Robbins

Recipes tell a story. Not in the familiar sense–there are no plot points in the ingredients list, no surprise endings in the method (except, maybe, when it comes to soufflés). But if you step back and look at recipes over time and as a whole, they tell a rich story about how people lived: how, for example, the invention of jet airliners and the post-war economic boom coincided with the efforts of a Cambridge, Massachusetts, cookbook author named Julia Child to bring about an interest in French cuisine–which, in turn, made fondue and crepes Suzette the go-to foods for entertaining in the 1960s.

They also teach us about how times change and how fashions fall away. Remember chicken Kiev? Blueberry “boy bait”? Those recipes were the blockbusters of their day, but were eventually replaced by the next food fad or dietary restriction. Some were forgotten for good reason. When’s the last time you craved jellied bean salad or deviled-egg casserole? But anyone who grew up eating made-from-scratch cheese straws and lobster pie remembers them, even if the recipes were lost to time. And they’re well worth revisiting.

And that’s what inspired us to scour Yankee‘s archive of more than 75 years’ worth of food stories in search of “lost” and vintage recipes worthy of revival. We retested them and tweaked them as needed for contemporary tastes–but we stayed true to the spirit of the dishes. Preparing these recipes brought us happily back to our own family dinner tables and reminded us that what’s old can be great again.

  • I had a fantastic gingerbread recipe from your magazine from the 70’s that I lost a number of years ago while moving. I’ve never found a recipe that compared It

    • Hi Mary! Was it gingerbread cookies or gingerbread cake? I’d be glad to track it down for you in our archives if I can!

  • Hi
    I had an amazing pumpkin pie recipe from Yankee. I decided to FINALLY take just the recipe out of the magazine (after years of having it) and now I’ve lost the pages! It was a pumpkin pie with an almost pecan pie like topping. It had apple butter in it, I remember having to use a 10″ pie plate. You had to cook the pie long & slow, then make the pecan topping, then pour it on after baking. It was the best pie ever (combining almost 2 of my favorite pies). I haven’t made it now in 2 years, because I lost it and it was one I made 2 of every year. It was becoming MY Thanksgiving tradition pie. The recipe was probably about 10 years ago (maybe)?! The issue also had the pie crust recipe with it. Any help would be great. Thank you

    Laurie R

  • I am hoping you could help me locate a Thanksgiving turkey recipe published in Yankee back in the early 1970’s. (I’m guessing 1970- 1974) The name of the recipe was Noble Roman Bird. My mom and myself have tried unsuccessfully to find it. It was the best turkey and gravy I’ve ever had and I’ve brined mine for years!

    Thanks for your help-


  • ISO Great Foods of New England Article from 1990’s dealing with original, historical Thanksgiving recipes. Any help will be appreciated!

  • ISO kiffle recipe from an old Yankee Magazine, can only remember there was a squirrel on the cover

  • Hi Betsy. We might need a bit more information first. Was the bread similar to a challah? Some, but not all, of the Yankee recipes have been archived, but we’re happy to take a look!

  • Betsy

    I am searching for an egg bread recipe fy Leslie Land printed in Yankee Magazine in the 1970’s or 1980’s.
    Would you help my search by forwarding the index to her cookbooks.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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