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Chili Recipes

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Everyone has a recipe for chili, it seems. And everyone’s is different, whether with the meat, or lack thereof, or spices. Here’s a selection from the Yankee recipe database that will get you through the long winter days.


  • I see some recipes that would probably be tasty – if they just weren’t called chili. I hope Jerry’s secret “competition chili” recipe doesn’t have any tomatoes or beans, because neither belongs IN real chili.
    When I make chili, the volume of Ancho chilis and beef is very nearly the same (obviously the weight of the anchos is much less than that of the beef), and there are also hefty portions of grease, garlic, and cumin. I cook a batch of pinto beans separately, and put a bottle of catchup on the table for anyone who wants it. Both go well WITH chili, but should not be part of the recipe.

  • Regarding chili recipes – When we lived in Houston, Texas, and cold weather finally arrived, you could buy “chili grind” meat in the grocery stores. When we moved away, my family did not like chili made with ground beef. I learned to use the Cuisinart and pulse stew meat back and forth until it was like “chili grind.” It has a different texture than just cubed or diced. I guess you might say it’s a bit stringy, but makes delicious chili.

  • What about a meatless chili? Would loved to have seen a recipe for that.


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