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Strawberry Varieties | A Bounty of Strawberries

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Like apples, grapes, and all other fruits, there are hundreds of strawberry varieties, each with its own unique shape, texture, and flavor. These are just a few of the types that Dave Pierson grows at his farm in Bradford, Vermont (piersonfarm.com).

Top: ‘Valley Sunset’, a late-season berry with ample sweetness and good aroma. The skin is very tender, so use them right away in salads or shortcake, or simply eat them whole.

Middle: ‘Cabot’, one of the larger varieties grown in New England. Its flavor is more intense than that of many berries of similar size, but less vibrant than that of smaller berries. Great for dipping in chocolate.

Bottom: ‘Jewel’, known for its intense sweet-tart flavor, is one of the most popular varieties; it makes a wonderful pie or jam.


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