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Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages’ Central Vermont’s granite foundations have supplied the world with this durable stone for more than a century. Watch workers cut great blocks of granite from the 600-foot quarry walls; then tour workshops where artisans sculpt statuary and memorials. Voted Best Rock Show.Rock of Ages is a granite quarrying and finishing corporation that was founded in 1885. Located, appropriately, in Graniteville, Vermont, Rock of Ages maintains the world’s largest “deep hole” granite quarry where Devonian Barre Granite is mined. Here you will find some of the oldest rock found on Earth. It comes from the Earth’s inner core rising towards the crust. Rock of Ages don’t just mine the rock – they cut, polish, and care it! They make everything from granite blocks for building to memorials for your loved ones. Visitors to the Rock of Ages factory and gift shop can watch quarriers cutting the granite away from the quarry wall. But take note: Quarry worker typically work 7am-3:30pm Monday through Friday. On the 3:35pm tour as well as all weekend and holiday tours the workers are usually not at work in the quarry. And traditionally, the industry takes a vacation around the 4th of July. The tours will still take place during that time, but if you are looking to see the quarry workers busy at work, you might be out of luck.While on the grounds of the Visitors Centers, take a look at the memorials and statuary as well as the outdoor granite bowling lane – where you can bowl a few frames for free! Take a guided tour of the quarry, then take a self-guided tour of the factory where you can watch artisans cut, polish, and carve stones, making masterpieces out of the granite cut from the quarry you just toured. Rock of Ages’ artisans use the same tools that were used back in the day of Michelangelo as well as laser etchers and computer-aided saws. Visitors can also participate in sandblasting their own stone souvenir!Graniteville, a village of Barre, is home to the largest deep-hole granite quarry in the world. From a safe vantage point, watch workers hew mammoth blocks of stone from quarry walls hundreds of feet in height, then visit the visitors’ center to see artisans creating monuments and statuary.

560 Graniteville Rd
Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages
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