Waiting in the Singles Line

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My parents met in a lift line at Stowe Mountain. I know they are not the only people who fell in love at a ski resort. In fact, my brother and his wife first set eyes on one another during a pre-season ski patrol meeting at Sugarbush, VT. And my boyfriend’s sister met her husband while they worked at Winter Park, CO. If you believe the old adage that people who play together, stay together, and if you love to ski or ride, then it makes sense to look for love in a lift line or on a chair lift. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I will share some ideas for those who are single and those who are not. Just call me Dr. Ruth on snow.

If you are single, you could go to Black Mountain in Jackson, New Hampshire. They are hosting the Third Annual Black Mountain Chairlift Speed Dating. In the eight minute ride to the top, you could find your match. And if you don’t find love, you can imbibe love potions from the bar and feast upon a special aphrodisiac menu which basically means you can go to the bar and drink and eat away your sorrows.

If you are single and don’t make it to Black Mountain for their official chair lift speed dating, you can make your own speed dating event. Just hop in the “singles? line and call out, “Anyone single?” You never know. It has happened to others before you.

And if you have a significant other but left planning a special weekend for your honey till the last minute, you could do an online search and hope to score a romantic getaway package at ski resort. Of course, late planners probably are out of luck for nice rooms, and might instead end up at a No-tel Motel with a bottle of cheap bubbly.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and to all good skiing. PS – make sure to drink lots of water, especially if you resort to the cheap bubbly option.


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