A Fall Trail Run

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There are people who hike year-round. I am not one of those people. For me, fall is the perfect time to hike. Actually, the fall before hunting season is the perfect time to hike. And, just to clear things up, snowshoeing up hiking trails in the winter, in my opinion, is snowshoeing, not hiking, otherwise I would say that fall and winter are the best times to hike. And to clarify a bit more, I am making this statement based on living in the east, because I really love hiking in Colorado in the summer where there is so little humidity. So, yeah, in the east, hiking in the fall, before hunting season, is the perfect time to hike.

Anyway, a couple days ago I went for a hike near our office in Dublin, NH, during lunch. If you are feeling envious at the moment, you really should be. It’s actually better than you can imagine to head out on the meandering dirt roads or nearby trails during a mid-day lunch break. In fact, to add to your jealousy, I also went for a kayak after work yesterday and before work this morning. And the plan, in a matter of minutes, is to turn the little hike I did a few days ago into a trail run. I am tired just thinking about this, especially because I got up early this morning. Hmm, I just went from trying to make you jealous of my activities to making you feel sympathy for me. I am all over the place.

It’s been about 26 years since I went on my last trail run. That ended badly with a broken arm. But I am not going to wear sandals that are two sizes too big on this run. And I just knocked on some wood. And, it is not hunting season yet.

New Hampshire Hunting Season Dates


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