Surf or Ski Jay Peak Resort

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Vermont’s Jay Peak Resort is well known as a destination for skiers or riders in search of perfect powder. And now, thanks to the Double Barrel Flowrider—just one of the many features in Jay’s new indoor waterpark, The Pumphouse—it’s becoming a mecca for those in search of the perfect wave.

The Double Barrel at Jay, courtesy Jay Peak Resort

Of course, the reason to go to Jay during the winter will always be the skiing and riding. With more than 50 miles of trails, 100 acres of gladed terrain, and an annual average snowfall of 370 inches per year, it’s FUN. (Yes, that is fun with capital letters.) As proof, here is a picture of me having lots-o-FUN at Jay a few years ago.

FUN at Jay a few years ago, photo Justin Cash

Now, thanks to a huge investment, Jay Peak has transformed from a mere ski mountain during the winter with golfing during the summer to a weather-proofed vacation land.

Mother Nature can be fickle when it comes to providing snow, but she cannot touch the balmy 85ish degree climate-controlled interior of The Pumphouse.

Eighty-five degrees feels pretty nice when you are vacationing in Florida. But, it never felt so nice after a day on the slopes in Vermont. Take my word for it.

If you or your teen-aged child  is  an adrenaline junkie, check out La Chute. The idea of La Chute, an indoor Aqualoop—with a vertical drop of 60 feet per second—makes me want to la puke.  Floating down Big River, which gently stretches around the perimeter of the waterpark, is more my speed. You see, there is something for everyone at Jay.

La Chute in the background, courtesy of Jay Peak Resort

And to further prove my point that there is something for everyone at Jay, here is a rundown of what else to expect at Jay:

Tram House Lodge at Jay, courtesy of Jay Peak Resort

My parting advice is two-fold. That bit about tasty food and drink? I’ve always been quite fond of Jay’s poutine;  perhaps, not the pinnacle of French-Canadian cuisine, but I for one cannot resist French fries with gravy and fresh cheese curds. (Jay is just an hour and a half from Montreal.) Now there is one more item to make my mouth water at Jay. Try the Duck Pockets, a tasty appetizer for dinner at The Foundry, with Brome Lake Duck Confit, caramelized onions, Cabot Cheddar, crispy wontons, with an apple cinnamon yogurt sauce. So, the first bit of advice is ski and surf hard so you can enjoy the food and drink guilt-free.

The second part of my advice is to get moving: Pack some ski gear , your bathing suit, and your family or friends and head north to Jay.  And please, leave some powder freshies  and poutine for me!


  • Since Jay has lots of snow, as compared to other resorts in the Northeast, as well as all the attractions such as those listed above, I’ve heard that it’s difficult to find a room in the area. Down at Lake Memphremagog, just 25 minutes away, is Newport, VT. A small city at the Canadian border. It features dining, shopping and entertainment. The downtown is on an isthmus between the two bays of the lake, and on that isthmus is Little Gnesta, A Swedish-Inspired bed and breakfast. A good option for those frustrated by the inability to find lodging in the most beautiful corner of Vermont!


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