Winter is Here

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I am suffering from a tad bit of ski blogger writer’s block because I am conflicted by my feelings. I am so excited by the start of winter 2008 – 2009. The ground is covered with snow and the mountains are in great shape (yahoo!!). However, some of my co-workers at Yankee are without power after more than a week. Every time my mind starts wandering to making fresh tracks, I think of them, knowing that their every task is about 100 times more complicated than what it is for me: Flushing a toilet, keeping warm, cooking some food.

So, I will take a little time off before I talk gleefully about the start of this winter…In the meantime, read about the adventure I had last year in Maine. And, I’ll check back in after my upcoming winter odyssey. It won’t be 17 mountains in 3 1/2 days, but it should be another fantastic adventure.

  • suzanne

    Waterville Valley is great — about 2 hours north of Boston and when you get there you feel like you are in another world. Plenty of terrain for beginners, intermediates and experts, as well as a killer terrain park if you are interested in that sort of thing. The lodge is large and friendly and there is a lovely town square in the village of Waterville (near but not at the mountain) that is great for dinner or breakfast. it’s also closer and usually waaaay less crowded than Loon.

    Buy your tickets on line before you go, they offer a discount and I think you can buy the same day.

    (My husband and I have been skiing at WV for years, and I have two sons who ski race for the team there. Sadly, I don’t get paid for promoting the place, as it would sure help with this expensive (but necessary if you live in New England) sport).

  • I was definitely sorry to hear about all the power outages in NE… (and all the rain following the snow!)

    I had a question… My girlfriend and I are looking to take a day trip out of Boston to go skiing in NH or VT… Do you (or any of your readers) have any recommendations as to best option? Whether its Loon, Waterville Valley, Sugarbush, etc? Obviously, the closer to Boston, the better…

    Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

  • No block here in Southern Maine as it appears we are out of the woods as far as power. Many friends and family out for up to six days. Buddy Mike stayed with us for four days. Add 10″ of fresh on Friday into Saturday and a solid 15″ on Sunday and what you’ll come up with is a deserved ski day. Being a slave to the traffic light I only took the AM off but oh and behold, was it worth it!!! Spun up to Mt. Agamenticus in York for sunrise. Got up top at 6:30 AM in 3F, windy as stink and lovely views of the Atlantic, Isle of Shoals and the Presidentials to the West. Thick, thick rippin powder boot high. Four yoyo runs and back to hitting the phones. My perspective changed, I’m thankful and hopeful for the new year, new administration and a outrageous ski season. Off to VT this weekend. Will check in next week and all the best to New England and hats off to the utility crews doin’ the best they can in a crappy hand of cards. Peace.


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