Day Dreaming About Hang Gliding

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Though I have never gone, I used to day dream about soaring through the air – hang gliding. Bungee jumping, nah. Skydiving, no thanks. But hang gliding? Sign me up.

I contemplated adding a hang glider to my Christmas list one year, until my mom squashed the idea by explaining that, “Hang gliders are very expensive.” Translation: “No chance of you getting one from Santa.”

Since the days when I asked Santa for presents, I lost some of the desire to hang glide, perhaps because I have matured or perhaps because I am older and wimpier. But I still catch myself momentarily day dreaming about trying it.

If you’ve ever driven on Route 4 in Vermont between Castleton and Rutland, which I’ve done more times than I could count, you may have noticed hang gliders circling above. They launch from West Rutland, soar above the highway and most of the time land in a field on the other side.

This past Sunday, I noticed two high above and started thinking about my childhood quest to hang glide. I was driving, so it probably was not the greatest idea to watch them, but they mesmerized me just as a soaring eagle does.

I was quickly snapped back to reality with a thud. Well, reality came before the thud when I was startled by a small bird flying low and across the road. I closed my eyes (yes, still driving), heard the thud, opened my eyes, and saw feathers in my rear view mirror.

Poor little birdie.

Now, whenever I see the hang gliders floating above and start to become mesmerized by them, I will most likely be snapped back to reality by what I am taking as an omen to not go hang gliding.

  • Heather

    PowderLover –
    Despite the bird incident, if the opportunity to hang glide came up, I would definitely go.
    – Heather

  • Hang gliders launch off the ski mountain in Steamboat Springs all summer. There is something graceful, maybe it’s the wings that let you think you’re free for a moment. Just another perspective, another way to view life for a few moments. If you get a chance you should definitely try.



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