Jack Williams Ski Race for Wednesday’s Child Raises $390,000

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The weather report for this past Saturday was not good. Regardless, I planned to head to Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, because the mountain was hosting the 24th Annual Jack Williams Ski Race for Wednesday’s Child which Yankee Magazine has supported for years.

During the entire drive up, I thought I was listening to the wrong weather report because the sun was shining. Of course, I was choosing not to notice the dark, gray, ominous-looking clouds.

The morning weather ended up being fine with soft spring-like snow and mild temperatures. Around 11:45, however, a big heavy rain drop hit my forehead, then a couple others. But by then, Yankee’s Marketing Director and I were headed in for our noon assignment to sell $100 dollar raffle tickets to benefit Wednesday’s Child.

The other great thing about the weather holding off was that the ski race itself was wrapped up before the first drops fell!

We were camped out by the cafeteria line, and I was amazed how generous people were. It seemed like every person we talked to knew about Wednesday’s Child and the great work it does to support special needs adoption. Of course, knowing that their good deed donation of $100 could make them the lucky owner of a new Volvo helped, but really every person who bought a ticket from us did it to support a great cause.

In fact, from the ski race fundraising effort alone, $390,000 was raised. Organizations like Wendy’s, American Airlines, Waterville, Volvo Coors Light, WBZ-TV, WBZ radio, Clark Appliances, and Dr. Pepper all helped, as well as a core group of motivated volunteers.

The Jack Williams Endowment for Wednesday’s Child is affiliated with several organizations and adoptions resource groups and non-profit agencies.

So despite the crazy weather last Saturday, it was a glorious day.


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