Brimfield Antique Show

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When the Brimfield Antique Show, which lays claim to being the largest outdoor antique fair in the world, kicks off its 2012 season on the second Tuesday in May, it will draw in treasure hunters from all over New England (and beyond). Last year, Yankee staffers were on hand to document the opening day festivities and identify the latest decorating trends. furniture

This year, we’re going back and splitting up into teams to participate in our first-ever Yankee Quest scavenger hunt, and we want you to help us make up the list of items we’ll be searching for!industrial

Post your suggestions here or on our Facebook page for the oldest, strangest, most creative things you think we’ll find at Brimfield. You have until 8 AM on Monday, May 7th to send us your ideas. And be sure to check back later that day for our final scavenger hunt list.

odditiesThe Yankee team of staffers that finds and photographs the most items on the list gets bragging rights, but what do you win? If your submission makes it onto our list and one of our teams snaps a photo of it at Brimfield, you’ll win a free copy of Yankee Magazine’s Best New England Recipes: Homemade Favorites for Every Season!

moldsPerhaps you’ve never been to the antique show and aren’t quite sure what we might find there. Not to worry – Brimfield truly does offer a little bit of everything, so chances are that just about anything you might think of can be found. Some of the suggestions we’ve received so far are: a 1950s wooden telephone booth, red-handled utensils, a vintage lipstick holder, a glitzy dog collar, and a vintage aircraft propeller. figuresgardenglass  Let us know what you think we’ll find!


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